Pickle Injectior for Fish type: NKR

Application: Injector type: NKR is a device for injection fish fillets and fish parts with brine solution or a thick emulsion.

– plastic conveyor,
– rotary pump or centrifugal pump,
– one set of quadruple needles 4x Ø1,8 mm,
– brine tank with filters system.
Optionally injector can be equipped with a screw pump [type: NKR-s] and rottary drum slotted filter type: FNK. This equipment allows the injection of a very thick emulsion.

Manually controlled Injector [type: NKR] is equipped with a touch screen PROFACE GP4100, to control the following parameters:
– speed of injector frame;
– controls and stops operation in the absence of the brine container or the absence of electrical phase flow, indicating the reason for stopping the machine;
Manual adjustment:
– Stepless adjustment of the belt stroke;
– injection pressure;
– height of bumper rise; Needles mounted on quick coupler.

Microprocessor-controlled injector [type: NKR-K] is equipped with a touch screen PROFACE LM4200 to control the following parameters of injection (the ability to save technological programs):
– speed of injector frame;
– speed of the belt;
– move of belt (density of punctures);
– height of bumper rise;
– moment of injection brine in the meat; – pressure of brine;
– brine temperature control;
– stop operation in the event of failure, indicating its location;
– indicate the causes of failure;
– operating time counter;
– stop operation in the absence of brine in the tank.

PICKLE INJECTOR FOR FISH Type: NKR-68 NKR-108 NKR-216 NKR-108s NKR-216s NKR-456s
Number of heads for mounting of injection needles [pcs] 17 27 54 27 54 114
Number of injection columns кол. [pcs.] 1 1 2 1 2 1
Type of pump Rotor pump or centrifugal pump Rotor pump or centrifugal pump Rotor pump or centrifugal pump Screw pump Screw pump Screw pump
Conveyor tape feed [mm] 7÷46 7÷46 14÷92 7÷46 14÷92 0÷60 continuously adjustable
Number of frame stroke [stroke/min] 56 20÷56 20÷56 20÷56 20÷56 0÷60
Height of needle lift [mm] 150 150 150 150 150 170
Through width [mm] 290 430 430 430 430 610
Dimensions A x B x H [mm] 1200 x 550 x 1700 1400 x 700 x 1800 1900 x 700 x 1900 1600 x 1000 x 1850 2100 x 1000 x 1930 2400 x 1800 x 2050
Volume of brine tank [l] 80 140 250
Nominal output of main motor [kW] 1,1 2,2 2,2 2,2 2,2 2,2
Nominal output of pump motor [kW] 1,1 1,1 2×1,1 3 3 5,5
Mass [kg] 235 290 430 340 480 1200

Please note! Devices are constantly upgrading, so the specifications, dimensions and weight may be different from values ​​given in the table. Dimensions and weights are approximate and can not be the basis for design purposes or shipping. We provide details in the case of purchase.

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