Pneumatic loading device type: PUZ

Application: Pneumatic lift is used to pre-load of meat placed in the wheelchair 200 l into the desired device.

Principle of operation: Pneumatic actuators motion raises a loaded truck 200 l. Meat after lifting truck is gravitationally loaded to the desired device.

Construction: The unit is placed on the mobile machine wheels with brakes. The design is made of stainless steel, approved for food contact. The machine is powered by compressed air.

Type of device PUZ
External dimensions A / B / H [mm] 1360 / 1620 / 1920
Minimal supply pressure – compressed air [bar] 5
Permissible mass of truck with a load [kg] 250

Please note! Devices are constantly upgrading, so the specifications, dimensions and weight may be different from values ​​given in the table. Dimensions and weights are approximate and can not be the basis for design purposes or shipping. We provide details in the case of purchase.

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